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LOL Schools is an online school dedicated to offer diverse learning activities, fun social experiences, and tutoring. The school was founded by Mayra Paradas in March 2023.


FACT >>> LOL stands for:  
Live Online Learning

Mayra was inspired to start the online school during the COVID-19  lockdown in 2020. At that time, many families found themselves in deep need of learning and entertainment outlets for their children. After everything with COVID settled and life was partially back to normal, there was still a need for diverse learning experiences. These are not normally offered in physical schools and many students were now homeschooled. To be able to experience many different types of learning opportunities one would need to drive to different places and pay for many memberships.  LOL Schools offers everything in one place and the student can always change to different activities without losing, only winning. Parents and students can also request classes that ore not currently offered  and we will do our best to provide what's needed. LOL Schools offers one time classes, ongoing classes, and multiple session classes. There are art classes, language classes, all school subject classes, virtual field trips, and physical educations classes.


Online Class


ART: crafts, drawing, painting, art history, graphic design, sculpture, and more.  

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: bootcamps, dance, martial arts, strength training, Zumba, and more.  

ALL SCHOOL SUBJECT: math, science, writing, language arts, reading, and social studies. 

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, French  and more. 

LIFE SKILLS: baking/cooking, cleaning, organizing, build your resume, speaking, computer, respect, and more. 

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